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Hello everybody. On August 10th at 2 p.m. ET, I’ll be attending a webinar titled “How to Write a Book,” hosted by our friendly competitors. is organized National jeweler to talk about my detective novel and its sequel in February. Also taking part are personalities from the industry – and (of course) authors – Bill Boyajian and Marion Fasel. Should be fun, and maybe I’ll even learn something. Login here!

This week: The luxury goods market is going crazy. How will the COVID-19 delta variant affect retail? Does a straw provide tangle-free jewelry? All down.

JTV-sponsored Jedora hopes to become Jewelry E-Tail’s one-stop shop.

JCK update: the Las Vegas show is about to begin!

– Vegas Shows Webinar (Video).

– IIJS is hosting the first physical show since the pandemic began.

Piercing Pagoda changes the name to Banter and adds non-kiosks.

What the delta variant means for retailers.

– Retail stocks hit.

– Walmart takes action on masks and gunshots.

– Not Amazon for fear of losing workers.

Another shipping crisis looms that may disrupt supply chains.

It’s a luxury goods shopping frenzy.

– Travel curbs that are ultra-rich for showing off luxury.

– Luxury sales were strong, but brands shouldn’t let up.

Idex: Diamond prices rise 10% year on year.

– Yahoo Finance Australia Talks Diamond Investing.

– Great recovery in diamond sales for Debswana.

Rapaport interviews De Beers CFO.

June watch sales are up 71% from the same month in 2019.

Plumb Club believes that there is high awareness and low understanding of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Signet Says Two Milestones Will Solidify Finances.

– Signet completes termination of UK retirement plan.

Incredible story of a journalist harassed by eBay.

The antique market has a problem with counterfeiting.

CBP in Louisville, Kentucky finds $ 5 million worth of counterfeit goods.

The battle with the Ohio pawn shop and the victim’s stolen jewelry continues seven years later.

London Just says Dubai, which is displacing Antwerp in the diamond trade. (Subscription required)

An interview with Brad Brooks-Rubin at Ethical Metalsmiths that is well worth reading.

“Rolex rippers” target older men in golf clubs.

JA elects Bob Moeller as the new CEO.

Richemont changes the board of directors.

Industry icon and long-time buyer Margie Bucki is dead.

Surat Diamond buildings do not have a 13th floor.

The secret meaning of Meghan Markle’s necklaces in the 40th birthday video.

– Could Meghan increase the demand for heavenly jewelry?

Has Ben Affleck committed a cardinal sin of jewelry?

– How Jennifer Lopez made their relationship “Instagram Official”.

– Ben and Jen do some “serious jewelry shopping”.

– Do you remember the Bennifer Pink?

Diamond hunter Charles Fipke is suing condominium developers.

50 million Omega fans went to YouTube to watch the Olympic ads.

The influence on Islamic art on Cartier jewelry.

Can a straw give you tangle-free jewelry? (Video)

Media monitoring

The onion “Interviewed” people about the diamond-for-pebble raid.

That today View interviews Madeline Fraser from Gemist.

From the blog

The antique market has a problem with counterfeiting

From the podcast

The jewelry district, Episode 50: JCK Las Vegas, Tiffany and Rolex

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