Trade standards seize more than £ 6 million in illegal goods across the county



Staffordshire County Council

Members of the Staffordshire County Council team seized over 100,000 illegal cigarettes, 16 kg of illegal tobacco and 19 liters of illegal alcohol.

And they have dealt with more than 500 scams and tagged 893 victims of fraud in support – including 16 victims of doorstep attempted crime.

Five fraudulent traders were prosecuted, and the service’s animal health team also intervened with 79 companies violating animal health and welfare laws.

Councilor Victoria Wilson, Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Officer responsible for trade standards, said: “There is tremendous value in our work on trade standards, from saving millions of pounds for consumers to helping some extremely vulnerable victims.

“Much of the work goes under the radar, but things like removing illegal and dangerous counterfeit goods from the streets remains a priority for the team. Not only can such products be harmful and pull people out of their pockets, but the market for counterfeit goods can be Goods also helps to support organized. ” Crime.

“Detecting fraud, raising awareness of how people can protect themselves from it, and supporting victims also make up a large part of the team’s work. In addition to the usual scams, teams have also dealt with those related to Covid-19 occupied.” Pandemic as criminals try to take advantage of the crisis.

“Much of the team’s work requires the help of local communities who can be the ears on the ground. Anyone interested in raising awareness of fraud in their local community should reach out to the team.”

In other work areas, 1,415 traders were given advice, and a further 298 start-ups received advice on trade law. Four food companies were advised on allergy awareness and rules.

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