The “worst” places in the Black Country by inhabitants – but we don’t agree


Being pessimistic is an all too common trait among the British – and one that is often used to describe your hometown.

That being said, we looked at some of the worst things people had to say about the Black Land.

Residents have uploaded their comments to the satirical website ILiveHere and are offering brutal takedowns of the beautiful region.

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From Wolverhampton to Walsall, angry residents have voiced their displeasure with life in the historic region.

But we here at BlackCountryLive can’t contradict these locals anymore.

So we went over some of the wild remarks and explained what the places really are.


What they said: “The hidden wonders of garbage. No wonder why this place was among the worst places on earth in 2009 because it is true.

“Unfortunately I live between Wolverhampton and Walsall, which are full of tons of shady looking people.

“I’ve been to Wolverhampton city center many times and it’s common to see garbage flying around and women in makeup smoking while holding strollers.

“If you’ve ever been to the train station, you know that a lot of people smoke and then blow the ashes in their faces.”

What we mean: Now the first port of call is to point out that some people don’t count Wolverhampton like they do in the Black Country.

It’s a topic that will undoubtedly draw you into an argument – but for the sake of inclusiveness, we’ll include it.

“Shady Looking People” is certainly a stretch. We have made some great people over the years, from rock legends to singing sensations and everything in between.

The station was recently extensively refurbished as part of an investment in the city – hopefully it will reduce the risk of the ashes being blown in your face.

Wolverhampton Railway Station


What they said: “The garbage city of England. Have you ever seen a place where there are literally countless pitfalls? Yes, Walsall is fine.

“When you enter Walsall, you will see bus drivers smoking 10 cigarettes a day.

“The women there look really ugly because they smoke a lot of cigarettes. You put makeup on and then get pregnant. “

What we think: This particular description seems particularly immature. It’s difficult to judge someone simply by their origins, and following stereotypes is always a terrible place to start.

Walsall has many excellent qualities and some lovely places to live – Aldridge I’m looking at you.

And as for bus drivers who smoke, that seems like a very niche criticism.


What they said: “Dudley really is the epitome of ‘redneck’.

“With cuts hitting harsh and outdated social climates, the city is a recipe for total disaster.

“What was once a booming market town is now a main street with abandoned shops.”

What we think: For those who don’t know, the term redneck is a derogatory word associated with people from the deep South of America.

That alone means it has little to do with any city across the Atlantic and in the West Midlands.

Dudley is a booming city and is home to the Black Country Living Museum and the Dudley Zoo and Castle.

They even recently announced they would become a city as part of the Queen’s platinum anniversary celebrations next year.

And even the Saltwells Nature Reserve officially got national status after Natural England recognized its unique geology as part of its new National Nature Reserve strategy – so take this.

Dudley Castle

West Bromwich

What they said: “Aah West Bromwich. Once a decent little town between Birmingham and Wednesbury, West Bromwich was a haven for the once die-hard working class who brood on Saturdays to visit the now defunct Kings 123 Cinema and the great town market.

“But a few decades later in the nineties and nineties, and West Bromwich is a ******** for lack of a better word”.

What we think: For starters, your guess is as good as mine as to the final word of this resident’s comment.

West Bromwich is still a haven for hard working people, and time doesn’t affect it.

With great connections to other cities, it’s a great place to live with a lot going on.


What they said: “I love Bilston, it’s one of those places you go and suddenly you feel so much better than you … because of the fact that it’s such a dump, even if you live on your local park bench , you’ll see that there are worse places to be.

“First, there is the city center. Unfortunately, although I prefer to think of it as a couple of shops selling fake goods and surprisingly nice chips, that’s the only thing you’ll find beautiful here as the locals leave a lot to be desired. “

What we think: We’ll start with the obvious – orange chips are beautiful indeed.

As for everything else in the comment, we disagree. The city is not a garbage dump and has a large community of people.

Black Country Folk is some of the friendliest around, and Bilston is no different.

Orange chips
Orange chips


What they said: “Everyone here has a dog (or dogs) that bark uncontrollably all day and all night for no reason.

“If you like loud music and don’t have your own, come to Willenhall and enjoy everyone else’s.

“Or maybe you have a chat with the neighbors, all you need is a deck chair (placed in your front yard or even on the sidewalk in front of your house), then you can sit there all day.”

What we mean: Compared to other areas, dogs no longer bark in Willenhall. Unless they shout to their friends how much they love it?

This resident seems to live on a noisy street, which has little to do with the city itself and more to do with the neighbors.

Maybe they should befriend them and join the party.


What They Said: “I’ve lived in Darlaston since I was born and society has changed dramatically in the past few years.

“It used to start with the occasional family with wild children who would run through the streets, scream at ridiculous hours of the night, and sneak into your garden.

“Maybe a little theft every now and then, but then more and more people moved in and now the whole city is overrun with rough families who literally throw their children on the street to terrorize everyone else.”

What we think: It seems that this person had an unfortunate incident and blames the whole Darlaston area for it.

Just because something bad happens in one place doesn’t mean it’s the whole city’s theme.

The idea that people are “rough” is derogatory and, to be honest, just unkind.

Darlaston has many good properties, and historians even believe it was once home to a Saxon castle.

If it’s good enough for that, it’s good enough for me!

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