The Truth About Feng Shui Gemstones You Did Not Know !!!



In the current gem market, gemstones like “Phi Thuy” are highly valued by antique collectors, so their value is so high that many people don’t mind using fakes and precious pearls. Hamamelis – “mixed gold”

An expert in the gemstone industry once said: “Given the high value of jade, many people are not afraid to counterfeit it, but because of their knowledge, they do not know. Bad knowledge or intentional “cheating” that many large corporations, feng shui stores, upload pictures of white marble and opaque white rice online and pump a little green like the green they have. Do you dare to scream, Jade is Jade. Called “Hamamelis” can be referred to as “Hamamelis” ???

So where is the reputable “witch hazel” business in the market?

The answer for you is us, å–† ç¿  珠宝 å°¹ å–† Company – One of the gemstone companies with years of experience in China. Founded in 2018, with a team of employees and respected experts in the gemstone market, we are always enthusiastic and committed to the profession and bring masterpieces made of gemstones to the market. Domestic and foreign customers have trusted us for many years with prestige and the highest quality as the company’s core task.

满 ç¿  珠宝 å°¹ å–† – One of the names cherished by many jade collectors and many industry experts. In order to meet the increasing customer needs, we are expanding our mining to 170,000 square meters with many modern and high-quality facilities and infrastructures that are ideally suited for the mining and distribution of jade products.

You know the quality level of “Hamamelis”!

Jade has 3 levels to distinguish its quality. This is not a way of distinguishing real or fake sapphires, but rather of distinguishing the naturalness of the product. For these gemstones, the more natural the product, the higher the price. So, if you are looking to buy witch hazel products, there are several types of witch hazel you can choose for yourself depending on your economic conditions as these are generally still real.

Grade A: This is unprocessed or chemically processed witch hazel. This is a pure natural witch hazel. Class A product, shiny and smooth like glass. Row A varietal color and its texture are intertwined, the root of the color has strength. The best differentiator of Grade A is that it may have some small cracks because it hasn’t been processed, but its color is much darker than Grade B and C. The advantage of Grade A is the color. Sharp.

Grade B: The bleached witch hazel is Grade B. The main purpose of bleaching is to remove impurities, reduce transparency and color effects, and cover cracks. Decrease in natural properties, but increase the beauty of jade jade. Class B, its brightness is like a candle. Especially when it is bleached for comparison, type B is very harmful and often feels yellow to the touch. However, the phenomenon is the aging of the glue. When you stand under the light to see Type B, the texture is a little blurry. Class B goods are relatively light when processed. Color class B shows a floating, floating shape, the origin of the color is not obvious. Due to the bleaching to cover the cracks, Grade B looks “intact” but the color is wrong and the stone surface is not transparent.

Class C: Type C jadeite is color treated. This is also why jadeite is most valuable when its color and luster are completely natural. Color processing appeared on the market very early. To distinguish the C-type from jade, we can use a flashlight with a strong light to guide radiation. The color of the jade is green from head to tail. Excessive density creates ice-shaped spots. However, the C-type goods are in the form of unevenly distributed green permeable radioactivity. There is a small striped pattern around the cracked crystal grain.

How do you know if a product is really counterfeit? An expert in the jade industry said that playing jade is very difficult, players want to get a real product, it takes a long time to research, and sometimes they have to pay the cash prize to gain experience. . Many common green jade tablets on the market are also labeled “witchcraft” and raise the price to hundreds of millions of dong. Accordingly, the only way to know exactly is through mechanical inspection. When you choose MancuiYinzhe jade, you can fully rely on the quality.

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