The Mississippi-based pharmaceutical company agrees to a federal fine of $ 175,000


A Mississippi-based pharmaceutical company has agreed to pay a federal fine of $ 175,000 to investigate allegations that it failed to properly keep records of its opioids and controlled substances as required by law, according to a federal prosecutor.

Acting US Attorney Darren LaMarca said the fine will be paid by Pharmaceutical Trade Services Inc., which operates as Durbin USA. According to its website, the company supplies medical and pharmaceutical products to companies in 160 countries.

Under the terms of the contract, the company did not admit any wrongdoing and no civil or criminal liability was found.

The LaMarca office announced that Durbin USA has also entered into a three-year agreement with the Drug Enforcement Administration that sets additional requirements for the company regarding the handling of controlled substances.

“Part of our strategy is to ensure that registered opioid traffickers keep accurate records of these highly addictive and potentially dangerous drugs,” LaMarca said in a statement.

Federal law lays down the reporting requirements for controlled substances to ensure the proper handling of narcotics and other prescription drugs and to prevent illegal manufacture, distribution and use. The federal prosecutor accused Durbin USA of not keeping accurate records and inventories of the narcotics imported, distributed and exported from 2013 to 2020.


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