RTE Fair City viewers have the same complaint about Dearbhla and Joan’s story


RTE viewers all have the same complaint about Dearbhla and Joan’s history in Fair City as Fidelma crashes their family dinner with a stark warning for Tommy.

Zak has to attend regular parole interviews after being arrested for involvement in drug trafficking for Ritchie Lennon.


Dearbhla was worried about the family dinner
Fidelma appeared at Tommy's family dinner


Fidelma appeared at Tommy’s family dinner

Struggling to keep up with the rent, the young man ended up dealing in counterfeit goods.

During Thursday night’s episode, Tommy became caught up in Cian’s lies. Tommy invited Cian and Joan to Easter dinner.

Tommy had doubts about the new lunch plans.

Dearbhla found out about Howley-Dillon’s Easter plans.

Fair City's Zak misses parole interview and Fidelma gives Tommy a stern warning
Fair City fans feel sorry for 'poor Anto' as he loses a big bet and lies to Sharon

Tommy has promised that he will be at his best at Easter dinner.

Tonight, Tommy found out about Zak’s missed parole interviews.

Dearbhla balked at telling Joan the truth about her family. Fidelma stopped by to speak to Tommy over Easter dinner.

Joan overheard Fidelma and Tommy talking about Zak’s parole. Joan found out about Zak’s story.

Joan brought Easter dinner to an abrupt end. Fidelma explained to Tommy the consequences for Zak if he missed another meeting.

Dearbhla blamed Zak for the disastrous family dinner with Joan.

Dearbhla worried that she would lose Joan’s investment in her business. Zak suggested Dearbhla would go to great lengths to keep Joan on her side.

Elsewhere, Anto’s gambling addiction spiraled and he lost a huge sum of money during Thursday night’s episode.

Anto faces a rocky road as Fair City viewers have seen him spend increasing amounts of time studying form and placing bets with Carol’s bookies.


Spurred on by his new friend Jon, who likes to flap for fun, it wasn’t long before Anto began to really enjoy the short-term highlights of small wins.

What started out as a bit of fun with friends and family, Anto didn’t learn where to draw the line.

After placing a big bet, Anto struggled to hide his losses and vented his anger on Jon.

Living the private life of a gambling addict, Anto broke a promise he had made to Sharon and found himself lying to her.

During tonight’s episode, Sharon made plans for Anto’s fake ‘winnings’. Anto asked Jon to play along with his lie to Sharon.

Sharon invited Jon to Easter dinner. Jon warned Anto not to tell Sharon the truth. Hayley and Jon enjoyed exchanging barbs.


Jon lied to Sharon about the bet for Anto’s sake. Hayley warmed to Jon.

Meanwhile, tonight, Dean and Anna hatched a plan to get more recruits into the boxing class.

Leo wondered if romance was on the horizon for Anna and Dean. Leo teased Carol about Anna. Carol and Anna called a truce.

RTE viewers flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on today’s drama.

Patrick tweeted, saying, “Dearbhla and Joan’s story sucks.”

Ciara said, “Oh Lord, this isn’t going to end well.”

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Sinead wrote: “So someone in Carraigstown is telling the truth.”

While William also tweeted, saying: “I couldn’t see Garda bothering to show up to anyone on Easter Sunday!”

Joan was furious when she found out about Zak


Joan was furious when she found out about Zak

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