Pangolin: Nigeria confiscates a record $ 54 million pangolin parts, elephant tusks – why animal parts matter



How this photo comes from, Nigerian Customs Service

Nigerian authorities say they have confiscated large quantities of wild animal parts, as well as pangolin scales and claws, and elephant tusks.

We seized this during a raid by customs officers on a location for the Lekki area of ​​the Lagos commercial center after they received intelligence information.

Nigerian customs chief Hameed Ali says Tori Pipo for Lagos on Wednesday – saying they see the items they hide in nearly two hundred large bags.

Tori says that the suspect Pipo bin Carry came illegally from the Central African Republic and that I’m bringing bin dey to Southeast Asia and Nigeria na di transit contri.

Oga Hammed Ali says the item weighs more than 18,000 kg and is worth more than 22 billion naira (around 54 million US dollars).

The Don arrested three suspects in connection with alleged human trafficking.

“Di suspects who have been arrested will soon be given an appointment for the court, while NCS will go out of their way to bring them to justice,” said Ali tok.

How this photo comes from, Nigerian Customs Service

I would also like to say that Customs is working with British, US and German officials and international organizations to step up the fight against smuggling.

I say that “full cooperation” resulted in the seizure of Lekki near the main Nigerian ports for Lagos.

Nigeria is becoming a center for gangs that send African pangolins to Asia, according to police officers and wildlife experts.

This is due to insecure borders, lax law enforcement, corruption and access to large ports.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC), seizures of pangolins they carried from Africa increased tenfold between 2014 and 2018.

At the present time, they are confiscating about 185 tons of sheds, killing about 370,000 animals, UNODC said.

According to reports, the Dey Dis kain animal parts are used to make traditional medicine for some Asian Contris, including China.

Believe you say pangolins – we are not critically endangered – and the most traded mammals in the world.

Wetin to know about pangolins

How this photo comes from, Other

Pangolin na an African and Asian mammal covered with overlapping scales and having a small head with a long snout,

They also get a long sticky tongue for catching ants and termites, and a long tail.

Di pangolin scales make up 20 percent of total body weight.

Pangolins do not get teeth; instead, they rely on a stomach-like stomach while relying on ground food.

Pangolins use slide scales as self-defense tools.

Mainly pipo dey hunt pangolins for meat, the dey also use them for use in traditional medicine and as fashion accessories, especially for China and Vietnam.

The large-scale illegal trade in Asian pangolins is causing the slide numbers to drop drastically.



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