Over 500 million pesos worth of counterfeit goods seized in Manila, Cavite



Two warehouses in Binondo and the town of Tanza in Cavite were raided by Customs, NBI and the Philippine Coast Guard after learning that they were allegedly hiding counterfeit goods.

As part of the letter of authorization, the warehouses were inspected and imported, and counterfeit branded products such as face masks, hats, clothing and some electronic products were discovered.

This is a violation of intellectual property law due to counterfeiting of the products of well-known brands.

The value of the confiscated items is estimated at 500 to 600 million pesos.

Chinese foods and beverages, as well as some medical protective masks, among other things, were discovered in the Cavite camp.

The BOC warns that counterfeit products can be bought at lower prices, but the materials used may not be processed properly, which can be harmful to health.

It also stipulates that the owner of the warehouses can be charged with violating the Intellectual Property Act and the Customs Modernization and Customs Act.

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Over 500 million pesos worth of counterfeit goods seized in Manila, Cavite

In September, the Pasay Customs Service destroyed pesos 7.4 billion of seized counterfeit goods.

The items are primarily designer label clothing and personal care items from China. As a result, the Philippine government lost around 700 million pesos to the smuggled items.

“Items like this not only destroy the economy and indirectly affect people, they don’t get marketed,” said Edgardo Padre Jr., BOC’s chief customs operations officer.

“We have no choice but to destroy them.”

Padre said destroying counterfeit goods acts as a “deterrent”.

“The possibility of criminal charges prevents Yung mga huli na ganito from preventing people from engaging in such deals,” said Padre.

BOC believes that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the counterfeit goods should be sold online rather than in physical stores.

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