Omusati crime escalates – truth for its own sake.


The Omusati region faces a serious challenge as there is a lack of facilities across the region to house the detainees awaiting trial.

This was announced by the regional governor of Omusati, Erginus Endjala, in his speech on the state of the region on Wednesday.

There are currently 480 inmates awaiting trial being held in detention cells across the region, a huge number considering detention cells can only hold 309 inmates, a difference of 171.

“The crime rate in the region has escalated, hence the high number of prisoners,” explained Endjala.

He further explained that the region, which borders neighboring Angola, has reported 4,079 criminal cases so far, compared to a staggering 4,686 cases in 2021, stressing that most criminal activity takes place in the border post areas such as Okapalelona and Omahenene.

In his speech, the governor bemoaned the lack of proper border controls as a catalyst for criminal activity, citing that many counterfeit goods such as alcohol, fuel and medicines are being smuggled from Angola into Namibia.

“We call on the authorities responsible for our borders to take strict measures to curb the smuggling of goods into the country,” Endjala said.

Warehouse theft, burglaries, rapes and suicides are some of the cases of growing concern in the region.

There were 71 rape cases reported in the region this year compared to 85 last year, a difference of 16%.

During the same period, 70 suicides have been reported and 41 people have drowned in the area so far, including three people who are believed to have drowned in the Calueque-Oshakati Canal.

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2022-07-15 Victoria Kapanda

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