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Democrats, ignore media

Dangers when crossing the border

Donald Trump was vilified by the left and the media when, announcing his candidacy in 2015, he said of the illegal immigrants flooding the southern border: “They bring drugs. They bring crime. They are rapists. And some, I suppose, are good people.”

As of June 2022, the Biden administration has released 1,049,532 more migrants at the Southwest border into the United States, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, and that number, excluding minors and those who entered undetected, is estimated at almost another 900,000 .

Along with these illegal aliens come dangerous drugs. Fentanyl seizures at the border increased 134% in fiscal 2021, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, enough to kill every American nearly seven times, but much of the drug trade goes unintercepted and fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of deaths No. 1 among US adults aged 18 to 45 – surpassing deaths from Covid-19, cancer and car accidents.

In March, Sens. James Lankford and Ted Cruz sent a letter co-signed by 20 colleagues to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, expressing concern about recent crimes by illegal aliens committed under President Biden’s open borders policy to the United States had entered. The letter provides 16 examples of tragic crimes — including murders, rapes, muggings, robberies and drink-driving deaths — committed by illegal aliens across the country since 2021.

And just last month, a 10-year-old Ohio girl who was raped multiple times when she was 9 had to travel to another state to have an abortion, and the rapist is a 27-year-old Guatemalan citizen who is illegally aborting resides in the United States.

Thus, even before he became President, Mr. Trump understood the dangers of illegal immigration, and it is unfortunate that as President, the Democrats and media have made every effort to stem the flow, and have now greatly increased that flow.

Phil Warner



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