Mumbai Customs seize over Rs 8 crore worth of drugs smuggled out of the US, three arrested


Mumbai Customs arrested three people for involvement in drug trafficking from the US.

Mumbai Customs seize over Rs 8 crore worth of drugs. (image for illustration)

Mumbai customs officials on Saturday arrested three suspected drug smugglers operating through the sham delivery of courier packages.

Customs officials were told that a courier package originating from America contained narcotics. The officials of the Airport Special Cargo Commissioner at the International Courier Terminal in Mumbai had eyes. The package was intercepted and 910 grams of California-origin marijuana was found hidden in an air purifier.

After intercepting the first package, Indian Customs found three more packages from North America between April 22 and 25.

An intensive search of the packages resulted in the recovery of high-quality hydroponic marijuana weighing 60 pounds (27.478 kilograms) hidden in various household items such as an outdoor waterfall, a faux wood-leather chair, and a propane gas fire pit table.

The narcotics seized are worth over Rs 8 crore in local illegal markets.

The details of these discoveries and seizures were kept secret and surveillance was carried out by customs officials disguised as auto rickshaw drivers and delivery men.

An official said further investigations are ongoing.


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