Memphis confiscates hundreds of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards EVERY NIGHT



MEMPHIS – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBPOs) officers working in the port of Memphis flagged a suspicious shipment from Shenzhen, China, en route to New Orleans CBD. It was described in the Manifesto as “PAPER CARD, PAPER” and CBPOs already knew what it was. It was the 15th broadcast of this kind that night, but all to different cities. Inside there were 51 fake COVID-19 vaccination cards of low quality. The cards have spaces for the recipient’s name and date of birth, vaccine manufacturer, lot number, and date and location of injection, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) logo in the upper right corner. However, there were typos, unfinished words and some of the Spanish vocabulary on the back was misspelled. How else did you know it was a fake? It was imported from a non-CDC or medical facility and this wasn’t the first time they saw this shipper.

Sometimes the items are referred to in the manifestos as “Use paper greeting cards / greeting card”, sometimes as “PAPER PAPER CARD”, but they always come from China. Although they come in packs of 20, 51, 100, there are never any attempts to hide them in anything. They’re not hidden in books, nor are they stuffed into the back of framed paintings. Unfortunately, the recipients of this ubiquitous contraband are located across the United States. In the fiscal year to date, Memphis has confiscated 121 items out of a total of 3,017 of these vaccination cards.

the FBI warned the public that buying, selling, or using a forged COVID-19 vaccination card is a criminal offense. It can be categorized as unauthorized use of an official seal from a government agency (such as HHS or CDC) and can be punishable under Title 18 United States Code, Section 1017 and other applicable laws. Violators face a fine and up to five years imprisonment.

“These vaccinations are free and available everywhere,” said Michael Neipert, Memphis Area Port Director. “If you don’t want to get a vaccine, that is your choice. But don’t order fake, waste my officer’s time, break the law and pretend wrong. CBP officials in the Area Port of Memphis continue to work to stop counterfeit smuggling and help protect our communities. But just know that if you order a counterfeit Vaxx card, you are using my officers’ time as they also confiscate fentanyl and methamphetamines. “



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