Man arrested in Makati for using counterfeit bills

Neil Jayson Servallos – The Filipino star

08/15/2022 | 12:00 noon

MANILA, Philippines — Authorities have warned the public about counterfeit peso bills after arresting a man who used counterfeit money to buy goods in Makati.

Police caught 31-year-old Thom Pinzon after he was caught using a counterfeit P500 bill to buy pastries at a bakery at a mall in Barangay Poblacion.

Probers said Pinzon had previously attempted to shop at a donut shop using the same counterfeit bill, but was shown the door after the cashier flashed it with an ultraviolet counterfeit bill detector.

The suspect reportedly managed to buy pastries from the bakery next door, but was spotted by the clerk at the other shop, whom he was attempting to scam.

The clerk then told the cashier and security guard that they had been duped.

“The cashier at the donut store confirmed it was the same bill the suspect was trying to use at the store. Using a UV detector, they found the money to be counterfeit,” police said.

Pinzon was arrested at the Poblacion police station for illegal possession and use of counterfeit banknotes under the revised penal code.

Police urged the public to immediately report anyone using counterfeit money.


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