Hamilton firefighters ask for help on one of their own



Hamilton Township’s professional firefighters are asking the public for help on one of their own Facebook.

Healthcare hero Kurt Recktenwald, a paramedic with Robert Wood Johnson Hamilton, is always the one who selflessly helps others, but now he needs help himself. Recktenwald was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently unable to work. With a brand new baby at home and a woman who had major complications (cerebral hemorrhage and seizures) during pregnancy and after the baby is born, they need help. Heartbreaking.

The Go and finance me reads, “2020 was not for everyone, but there were happy moments for the Recktenwalds: They bought a house and were expecting their first child. Then in 2021 and Anna had a major complication in the 25th week of pregnancy: a cerebral haemorrhage that required an operation and When she was 34 weeks pregnant Anna had seizures that resulted in an emergency Caesarean section. Fortunately, her baby Niko is healthy and did not need NICU time. Her happiness was soon interrupted when Kurt went to the emergency room and had back pain and was taken with diagnosed pathological fractures in his spine. Further tests showed different masses. They found that Kurt had cancer before their baby was six weeks old. They are still waiting for results and a game plan, but they are both unemployed. To the point To make matters worse, Anna recently had a recurrence of seizures that now require more testing of her own, and this family has had all of this because of this Stress doesn’t even have time to enjoy her new arrival, and now the bills are piling up. Please do what you can to support this wonderful family in their need. If you’re currently unable to donate money, consider contributing a meal or diapers! Every little bit helps. “

This is an extremely difficult time for this family. Since the pandemic started, I’ve seen an incredible amount of kindness to so many people in need across the region. Please consider helping this family if you can.

Many Thanks.

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