Groundbreaking mjn-SERAS seizure monitor using artificial intelligence to predict and warn of upcoming seizure initiations in the UK


Epilepsy Alarms UK is proud to bring to the UK the mjn-SERAS – a revolutionary device that uses artificial intelligence to predict seizures with up to 3 minutes advance warning.

With a European CE mark as a medical product*, mjn-SERAS is revolutionizing seizure detection. Designed and manufactured by Spanish start-up mjn-NEURO, the device moves away from the trend of wrist-worn seizure monitors and instead consists of a 3D-printed earpiece that is individually fitted to each user to maximize comfort. With an impressive battery life of up to 18 hours, the mjn-SERAS has been designed to be lightweight and discreet, weighing just 9.5g.

The mjn-SERAS contains sensors that directly monitor electrical activity in the brain and uses artificial intelligence to warn of a seizure up to 3 minutes before it occurs.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the device uses machine learning to adapt the algorithm to the user’s own brain activity patterns, improving its ability to predict future seizures.

When a seizure is predicted, the device sends an alert to the paired Android smartphone, giving the user time to go to a safe place and let loved ones know about the upcoming seizure.

Users can also choose to have seizure alerts automatically shared with others to provide peace of mind for caregivers or loved ones concerned about the risks of an unmonitored seizure.

The mjn-SERAS can also be used by professionals to better understand a patient’s condition. The data is stored on the paired smartphone in both calendar and chart format to easily visualize patterns that doctors and neurologists can use to tailor treatment to the patient.

The mjn-SERAS will be available in the UK exclusively from Epilepsy Alarms UK from £1,495. We’re also proud to announce that all purchases support Young Epilepsy, a UK charity that does incredible work to help people with epilepsy lead better lives.

*According to European Directive 93/42/EEC and Royal Decree RD. 1591/2009

“What I really like about the mjn-SERAS not only reacts to someone having a seizure but also tells you that a seizure might happen – it’s quite revolutionary. Technology is evolving so fast and constantly improving. A I would hope the NHS might consider using it mjn-SERAS and similar devices at your free drug tariff. The more people manage their own conditions, the less impact there will be on the NHS.” – Dr. Hilary Jones MBE, popular family doctor and TV personality

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