Fact: Retro games had the dirtiest Easter eggs


And there really must be something in the water of this place because another Easter egg will turn the barmaid into a dancing demon.

terminal reality

Or maybe this is just the witch’s sexy bonus costume.
Devil Dancer Easter Egg Part 2

terminal reality

Yeah, better leave her alone.

But while these are quite suggestive, they are meant to be found. Anyone can trip over them – even someone’s child. Just kidding, kids can only stumble across Fortnite’s “accidentally” lewd content. However, older players may find out that they missed out on some bizarre things. More experienced players may be familiar with the older Naughty Dog logo,

old cheeky dog ​​logo with the title dog

cheeky dog

But what most don’t realize is that by looking at this, they were just one secret input away from finding their secret logo, one that felt more like the prototype of GTA Poster.

old dogless cheeky dog ​​logo

If readers are wondering what else the developers of the time might have hidden in the depths of their code, we’re happy to announce that we’ve found the likely king of hidden lewd content.

Youtuber Larry Bundy Jr discovered that “accidentally” cranking Lara Croft’s boob size slider to 11 was actually the least perverted of Core Design’s developers. Won the hot lottery and the regular lottery a few years ago Tomb Raidercore made Dynamite Dux, a sidescroller in which two armed ducks go on a journey to save their mutual friend (that was an 80s thing, wasn’t it?) from an evil wizard. There was a rumor going around that the game contained an incredibly rowdy Easter egg, but the mainstream didn’t know about it for 30 goddamn years.

Core design, KFC

The game’s looks and story justify disinterest, but never judge a porn by its plot.

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