Face your studies, nothing like importing weapons into Ogun – customs at NANS



The Nigerian Customs Service’s (NCS) Ogun Area Command has fired back at students in the state, warning them to focus on their studies rather than making “malicious allegations” of alleged arms smuggling against the command.

DAILY POST reported Thursday that students in Ogun state had alerted the NCS about alleged arms smuggling.

But the NCS described the student’s allegations as lies that could be misleading and likely to create unnecessary tension in the state, and fully debunked the allegations.

In a statement made available to DAILY POST on Friday by Command’s public relations officer, Hammed Oloyede, the NCS said: “There has never been a time when weapons and ammunition have been smuggled into the country via Ogun State , and this will not be the case in whatever form may be smuggled. “

Oloyede claimed that the command has since secured the numerous illegal smuggling routes into the country with aggressive patrols and intensified its anti-smuggling operations in the state in order to checkmate the nefarious activities of the public enemies.

The Ogun Customs spokesman said the allegation of the daytime smuggling activities was only in the mind of the creator of the story, saying, “The tightened security architecture in today’s state by customs and other security agencies will not allow smuggling of contraband other prohibited items at night that are not mentioned during the day. “

He said that since the resumption of the current area chief, CC Peter Kolo, command has recorded over 1,500 seizures of various contraband and prohibited items, including foreign rice, foreign used vehicles, shoes and clothing, tomato paste, sativa (marijuana) and petroleum products for export Beginning of the year.

The statement said in part: “If the Kommandantur does not want to mix with the so-called students, their sponsors and employees, we would like to advise them to concentrate on their studies and their school activities so that they can graduate” in record time and be better citizens tomorrow instead of being offered and used as blackmail tools for individuals and state institutions.

“Oratorically, where were the authors of this vicious publication when officers and men of the customs service were attacked with AK47 rifles, locally made rifles, pistols and other dangerous weapons with spells by daredevil smugglers, their brothers and sisters, cousins Are? and uncle in the state. Most of these attacks injure, kill and destroy government property (vehicles and buildings are set on fire). What did you do and what did you say? These are the same elements and groups that carried posters in December 2020 and demonstrated outside the government and parliament building, claiming that their citizens were incessantly killed by customs, what a hypocrisy.

“Let the public know that these allegations are baseless, baseless, mischievous, dangerously misleading, and aim to distract our operations and security architecture in Ogun state and in the country and should therefore be ignored,” added Oloyede.



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