ELFBAR prevents over a million counterfeit disposable vaporizers from reaching the retail market


Shenzhen, China, July 22, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, ELFBAR, a popular UK disposable vape brand, has intercepted over a million counterfeit vape products branded with their product names, most of which would likely have ended up in UK retailers and in the hands of UK consumers.

The company has worked closely with Chinese authorities to shut down more than 20 counterfeit factories that were found to have collectively produced over a million counterfeits.

Victor Xiao, Chief Executive of ELFBAR, said: “We are actively working with the authorities in China to fight against counterfeiting of our products and have made good progress. As a socially responsible brand, ELFBAR will continue efforts to fight counterfeiting and protect the health of our customers.”

The counterfeiters also created fake websites that looked identical to the official ELFBAR website. This has made product verification more difficult. Domain names created by the scammers include Elfdar.com, Elfbar-tech.com, Elfba.com, Elfbar.link, Elfbar-teoh.com to name a few.

Xiao added, “The scammers are getting more sophisticated and setting up fake websites that look the same as ELFBAR’s official website, which may mislead consumers. As we track down and take down spoof sites, we warn our customers that scammers may continue to set up new domains.”

“We have zero tolerance for counterfeiting as it impacts our reputation and, more importantly, poses major health risks to vapers and those who switch to vaping from traditional cigarettes due to their lack of quality control. The counterfeit products do not meet our quality standards, which meet the strict regulatory requirements set out in the Tobacco Products Directive and the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations.

The company is asking retailers to be aware of the issue and has started providing retailers with visual information to help them identify counterfeits.

Xiao said, “We encourage retailers and consumers to verify products by scanning the QR code on the packaging and making sure they are redirected to the ELFBAR.com official domain for verification. If you suspect the product you have purchased is counterfeit, please message us [email protected]and we will take appropriate action.”

The company said UK customers and retailers have supported its investigation into counterfeiters by providing evidence of suspect products they bought.

Xiao continued: “We would like to thank UK retailers and our e-cigarette customers who have taken the time and effort to bring the counterfeits to our attention – this has helped us track down and trace their sources. By working with government agencies, supply chain partners, distributors and retailers, we are confident that together we can protect our customers from the unscrupulous activities of counterfeiters.”

The company also launched a #SayNoToFakeELFBAR campaign on social media. This aims to educate consumers about what they can do to verify the authenticity of the products they buy, how to avoid becoming a victim of counterfeiters and what to do if they suspect wrongdoing.

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