Dubai Customs will host awareness and entertainment activities during DSS 2022


Dubai: In support of Dubai’s efforts to promote the entertainment and tourist activities offered to visitors during the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) 2022, Dubai Customs is actively engaged in a wide range of awareness and fun activities in Modesh City . These events and activities will take place from July 14 to August 16 and will focus on various topics including IPR, customs innovations such as the inspection submarine, K9 customs dogs, and will feature a showcase of talented achievements by children’s staff.

Every year Dubai Customs is keen to actively participate in Modesh World to educate and raise awareness of children by getting involved in all activities and events geared towards new generations. The organization pays attention to educating the general public about the importance of protecting intellectual property rights when introducing their innovations.

Dubai Customs events at this year’s Modesh World included IP awareness workshops on the importance of intellectual property rights and how to protect them. Around 100 children took part in the workshops, which taught them about the important role of Dubai Customs in protecting the security of sea, land and air borders from the intrusion of counterfeit goods and the dangers they pose to people, the environment and the economy , have been informed .

Other workshops were also organized to showcase DC innovations, including the Customs Submarine, a unique underwater drone innovation that allows inspectors to obtain high-quality 3D images and videos of the ship’s hull with the aim of detecting contraband and detect illegal imports. These workshops provided an opportunity for Modesh attendees to look at the innovative initiatives being developed at Dubai Customs and to highlight their role in strengthening the protection of society and the economy.



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