Customs officials seize foreign currency, gold worth Rs 2 crore in separate seizures at Mumbai airport


Customs officials at Mumbai International Airport have thwarted at least 10 smuggling attempts, including foreign currency and nine cases of gold smuggling, over the past two days.

Officials seized Rs. 22.5 crore in foreign currency and a total of 4.357 kg of gold worth Rs. 2.07 crore during the period. At least 5 passengers were also arrested.


On April 3, on the basis of profiling and suspicion, two passengers were intercepted boarding a SpiceJet flight SG 13 to Dubai, and a detailed investigation resulted in the confiscation of various foreign currencies (pounds, Omani riyals and Saudi riyals).

Officials said the currency was hidden in the handbag and trolley and the total value was Rs 22.5 lakh. Both passengers accepted that they were smuggling the foreign currency offered by the handler for money as a carrier.


In another case, six Sudanese passengers arriving on an Air Arabia flight from Sharjah on April 4 were intercepted and an in-depth investigation led to the recovery of gold dust from their belongings. They tried to smuggle the gold dust in the form of wax. A total of 2,932 grams of gold dust was confiscated.

In two cases the gold dust was hidden in the soles of the sandals and in four other cases in the rectum of the passengers.


Two Sudanese passengers arriving from Dubai on a Fly Dubai flight on April 4 were intercepted by officers. A thorough search recovered 345g of molten gold bars and various pieces of jewelry from her possessions.

In another case, based on special information, a passenger arriving from Thiruvananthapuram to Mumbai at Terminal 1 was intercepted.

During the search, 1,285 g of gold dust was found in the form of wax.

The passenger admitted to vacuuming the gold dust from the plane’s (pre-locked) seat. The passenger further stated that the recovered gold dust was hidden on the plane in Sharjah during the Sharjah-Trivandrum route. He was arrested and further investigations are ongoing.

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