Crack down on deliveries of substandard food


Ti gong

Inferior quality pork is sold to Songjiang County residents

Crack down on deliveries of substandard food

Ti gong

The pork ribs package with two production dates

A Shanghai company that delivers free gift packages to residents in Yangpu District is under investigation, the Shanghai Market Administration announced on Sunday evening.

Some pork wraps in the gift packs had fabricated production dates, according to the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation.

Jiangpu subdistrict authorities procured the batch of sauce-flavored pork ribs from, the Shanghai-based online food platform, and recently delivered the goods to detained residents.

The pork ribs were from Shangqiu Xinshengyuan Food Co Ltd in Henan Province. Their packages were found to have had two production dates.

Subdistrict authorities informed the Yangpu District Market Regulation Bureau after discovering the problem, and the latter found that the Shanghai supplier failed to check the goods.

Samples of the pork have been sent for laboratory testing and an investigation is ongoing.

Shanghai is stepping up monitoring and inspection of food safety violations to ensure the quality of free gift packs, the city’s market regulators announced Saturday night.

Crack down on deliveries of substandard food

Ti gong

A security guard in Yangpu is under investigation.

The announcement comes after a series of instances of substandard and counterfeit goods in free gift packs being delivered to locked-up residents by subdistrict and city officials, drawing widespread public attention.

In a separate case uncovered Sunday night, Shanghai Xinzhi Food Co Ltd was found to have benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic and sold inferior quality pork to Songjiang District residents.

The company processed pork stored in its warehouse and claimed it was high-end streaky pork. She sold them as gift packs along with vegetables to residents at high prices.

A total of 658 packages had been sold when the case was exposed, raising 120,000 yuan (US$18,456).

The case was referred to the police by the Songjiang County Market Regulation Administration.

In another case, a security guard at a residential complex on Pingliang Road in Yangpu is under investigation.

The man was found pretending to be an authorized caterer with a fake armband and fake sign on a vehicle. He procured a large quantity of goods.

Through a WeChat shopping group in a shared flat in the district, he benefited from rising goods prices and resold them.

His illegal earnings totaled 20,000 yuan. He allegedly violated China’s food safety law to do business without a license, according to the Yangpu District Administration for Market Regulation.


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