Covectra: Enhanced Smart Label and Mobile Authentication By: COVECTRA


Covectra, provider of track and trace solutions, announced new improvements to its StellaGuard, a solution for smart label and mobile product authentication. It is designed to help consumers identify, authenticate and track genuine products more easily and more accurately, and combat counterfeiting using their Android or Apple mobile devices. StellaGuard is said to be the only security product that combines both open and covert protection within sight.

Brands – from clothing, handbags, shoes, cosmetics, liquor and sporting goods to consumer electronics, auto parts and pharmaceuticals – can leverage the secure, cloud-based mobile authentication solution to protect buyers, identify illegal sellers, and provide universal brand protection and empower the track -and tracing capabilities throughout the supply chain.

The new features include:

New mobile support for Android and Apple

With support for any Android or Apple device, more consumers can protect themselves from buying counterfeit or unsafe products online or in stores. Consumers can simply scan the product’s barcode with the free StellaGuard mobile app and verify the authenticity of the product within seconds.

Raised holographic spots for better security

StellaGuard 2.0 contains more random holographic spots combined with a serial QR code – unique to this label – to make the product virtually impossible to counterfeit. The StellaGuard app reads the QR code and compares the random spot pattern and count with this QR code and, after checking, shows Authentic or Counterfeit, which prevents counterfeit products from being purchased.


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