Contaminated cocaine related to local overdoses and death


The Oneida County Overdose Response Team has issued a warning of drug overdose spikes in contaminated cocaine in the area.

There has been an accumulation of overdoses recently in the Sylvan Beach and Vienna areas, including a 24-hour period with a total of six overdoses, including one fatality. Officials say there appears to be a local trend of fentanyl and / or carfentanil being mixed with drugs such as cocaine without the user’s knowledge and this has been linked to local overdose cases.

“The use of illicit drugs is always dangerous and ill-advised, but when strong drugs like fentanyl and carfentanil are added without the user’s knowledge, the results are very often fatal,” said Anthony J. Picente Jr., district manager of Oneida Fall, when they did added to a drug, such as cocaine, that is not normally associated with these substances. Drug users and their relatives should be on high alert and take all precautionary measures. “

Officials say there have also been some reports of this dangerous combination that causes the drugs to be purple in color.

A message from the county states:

Some officials believe that drug traffickers are mixing fentanyl and carfentanil with other drugs because of their potency to make those drugs more profitable, helping to build a larger customer base despite the cost to human life.

The county reports that this batch of laced drugs has been linked to an incident this week that involved four adults a drug overdose was found in Sylvan Beach and five young children were found in the house. Officials say official test results for some of the drugs involved in these recent overdoses are pending.

In a press release announcing the surge in overdose cases, district officials wrote:

Many people taking these drugs don’t look for fentanyl or carfentanil, and there is no way to know if it contains a lethal dose. A small dose of fentanyl can be extremely fatal, and carfentanil – a drug used to calm large animals like elephants – is 100 times more potent than fentanyl.

If you or someone knowledgeable overdoses drugs of any kind, call 911 immediately.

Anyone seeking treatment or recovery services is urged to call 211 or contact ACR Health at 315-793-0661.

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