CBP stops attempting to smuggle 661 counterfeit championship rings valued at over $ 800,000 into the United States via Indianapolis from China


INDIANAPOLIS— Buying and selling sports memorabilia is a very lucrative business. Whether you are just starting your collection or looking for a rare find, collectors and fans need to be aware that the market is inundated with counterfeits.

To prevent criminals from redeeming money, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials across the country seize these counterfeits every night. CBP officials at the Indianapolis port recently stopped three shipments containing counterfeit NFL and NBA championship rings. If the items were genuine, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for both shipments would have been over $ 803,000.

Officials recently intercepted these three shipments, all of which were from China and headed for various US destinations. These shipments included: 285 counterfeit Los Angeles Lakers Championship rings, 160 Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl rings, 154 Green Bay Packers Superbowl rings, and 62 Miami Dolphins Superbowl rings. CBP officials inspected the packages to determine whether they were acceptable.

“Part of CBP’s mission is to protect American consumers from buying these counterfeit products,” said LaFonda Sutton-Burke, director of Field Operations-Chicago. “This seizure illustrates our commitment to stop counterfeit products from China and protect our country’s economy and consumers from those who defraud businesses and consumers alike.”

A total of 661 rings were confiscated and sent to an import specialist who believed them to be counterfeit. In early May, Indianapolis CBP officials stopped 495 counterfeit championship rings.

“This just shows you how criminals are using e-commerce to ship their items to unsuspecting consumers, putting their personal health and safety at risk and damaging our economy,” said Kerry Carter, acting director of the Indianapolis Port. “I would like to congratulate our officers on their excellent work. CBP is the first line of defense and we will continue to protect the health and safety of consumers. “

CBP encourages consumers to protect themselves and their families by always buying safe, authentic goods from reputable vendors.

CBP protects businesses and consumers every day through an aggressive program of intellectual property rights (IPR). Importing counterfeit goods can cause significant lost revenue, damage the US economy, and endanger the health and safety of the American people.

On a typical day in 2020, CBP officials seized $ 3.6 million worth of products containing intellectual property rights violations. Find out more about what CBP did during A Typical Day in 2020.

Read CBP’s Fiscal Year 2019 Intellectual Property Seizure Report for more intellectual property statistics and analysis. The 2019 financial year is the most recent completed IPR report from CBP.

The CBP Border Security Mission is led by CBP officers from the Office of Field Operations at the ports of entry. Please visit CBP Ports of Entry to learn more about how CBP’s Office of Field Operations is securing our country’s borders. Learn more about CBP at www.CBP.gov


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