Business as usual for Chinese businesses in Oshakati


Placido Hilukilwa
CHINESE businesses in Oshakati went on as usual despite a protest march by Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) in Oshakati on Friday morning.
Other opposition parties, such as the RDP and PDM, and individual members of the AR also took part in the protest, which attracted around 100 participants.
IPC supporters, who were actively promoting the protest march on social media, appear to have withdrawn their support at the last minute.

Chinese shops in Oshakati opened late – around 10am instead of the usual 8am. Ultimately, however, everything turned out to be “business as usual”.
The protesters’ main problem is the “unfair” judiciary and the “discriminatory” Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA).
They claim that the NamRA only seized counterfeit goods from Namibian traders, while pretending not to see any counterfeit goods in the Chinese shops.
They are demanding the release on bail of two jailed activists, Dee Nauyoma and Michael Amushelelo.
They are calling for the closure of Chinese-owned businesses across the country until bail is granted to the two jailed activists.
The protest passed without incident thanks to the strong presence of law enforcement officers.
After a loud protest outside Chinese-owned shops in Okamugongo kAangandjela, protesters marched down Malakia Nakuumba Street and Okatana Road before gathering at the Etango complex, where they were represented by a Chinese national, identified only as Ela, for Stina Hu , presented a petition. the owner of the complex.
The petition contains a litany of demands that must be met by May 31.
According to the protesters, Chinese companies do not pay taxes; Do not use Namibia’s banking system; Store counterfeit goods and enslave the workers.
They are threatening to shut down Chinese stores if there is no noticeable change by Tuesday next week.
The protest was led by NEFF MPs Epafras Mukwiilongo and Kalimbo Iipumbu; AR activist Pau Pau, Joshua Nghishiiko from the RDP and Johannes Martin, a member of parliament from the PDM.
“The protest march passed without incident,” said Regional Police Commander Commissioner Rauha Amwele as protesters began to disperse.


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