Bobby Shmurda doesn’t want a chance at the doctor’s office


It looks like Bobby Shmurda is scared of needles.

On Friday (April 1), Bobby Shmurda posted a video of himself in the doctor’s office trying his best to avoid getting shot on his Instagram page. In the clip, the Brooklyn, NY rapper appears to have inhaled nitrous oxide from a hose to calm him down, but it doesn’t work. It also looks like his partner Lilly is also holding the rapper’s hand as he worries about a shot.

“Nah, wait, doctor,” Bobby said before yelling several times and pushing the doctor’s hand away. “This shit makes my high worse,” he added, referring to the nitrous oxide.

After a few screams, Bobby finally calms down and lowers his head. Then he recites the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father, who art in heaven. Blessed be your name. Thy kingdom come,” he said while everyone in the room laughed.

The doctor tells Bobby not to give him the injection yet as he rubs alcohol on his arm where he will inject a needle. The “Hot Nigga” rapper keeps his head down and prepares to shoot.

It’s unclear what kind of shot Bobby Shmurda got. Still, it’s pretty funny to see Bobby Skrim in the doctor’s office.

Bobby wrote the video titled “WHO [else] act like this at Doc’ along with a happy face emoji to represent his laugh of the clip.

Bobby Shmurda continues to enjoy his freedom after being released from prison a year ago. Though Wack 100 isn’t a fan of Bobby’s Shamoney dance, the 27-year-old rapper won’t be stopping anytime soon. See below.

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