Bengaluru: After Remdesivir and O2 cylinders, cyber criminals are now benefiting from drugs against black fungi


Amid rising cases of mucormycosis or black fungus infection in Covid-19 patients in Karnataka, the high demand for amphotericin B for treating infections in Bengaluru is leading to a number of cybercrime and fraud cases.

Following the black marketing of remdesivir and oxygen bottles, a fraud case was filed in Bengaluru by a family withdrawn from Rs 7.9 lakh with the promise of amphotericin B.

Govindaraju, a resident of Hosakote in the city, registered the cybercrime complaint. His son tested positive for Covid-19 and was later diagnosed with Black Fungus.

“The doctors told the family to arrange the drug soon because the hospital did not have amphotericin B in stock. The family asked various people about the drug, while a man identified as Ashok contacted the patient’s wife and promised that he would courier the amphotericin B as soon as he received Rs 7.9 lakh, “police said.

According to the complaint, Ashok identified himself as a medical representative and believed his words that the family had transferred the amount. But Ashok turned off his phone when the amount reached him, they said.

The Bengaluru Cybercrime Police are investigating the case.

HC refuses bail to the man accused of illegally selling Remdesivir

Meanwhile, the Karnataka Supreme Court expressed its shock at “playing with the lives of Covid-19 patients” while refusing bail to a man accused of illegally selling Remdesivir.

Judge Suraj Govindaraj issued the order at the request of Sohail Pasha, 32, a resident of Madeena Nagar, Mangammanapalya, Bengaluru. “The investigation will need to determine where the petitioner got such injections from and how they were sold without a prescription when the drug only had to be sold on prescription,” the High Court found.

The court found that every step should be taken to end the black-marketing of essential drugs and the sale of false / counterfeit drugs amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The Karnataka Supreme Court refused bail to Pasha, who was arrested on charges of selling remdesivir injections on the black market.

Pasha was arrested by police in Bengaluru after delivering five vials containing 7,000 rupees per vial. “How can you commit such crimes in these uncertain times and play with the lives of Covid-19 patients,” the court stated.

Several cases of cyber criminals defrauding people by selling oxygen bottles, concentrators and remdesivir, among other things, have been recorded across the city, according to senior cybercrime police officers in Bengaluru.

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