Atoms for Astronauts: Science gifts from a Scottish chemistry teacher for business success


A SCOTTISH chemistry teacher giving science gifts has sold his products to hundreds of people around the world in just a few months.

Damian Hardacre founded Atoms to Astronauts in February, which sells notebooks, mugs and prints.

He officially launched the Aberdeen-based business in May, and sales have grown since then. Around 40% of customers live in the US, but Hardacre has also shipped its products to Australia, Korea, China, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

“If you get a science gift, it’s a periodic table or a cup or something,” Hardacre told The National. “I created a design and posted it on a chemistry forum on Reddit and it was very popular. People asked where to buy it, so I tried to sell it. ”

Hardacre said he always wanted to start his own business but didn’t know how, adding, “It all happened organically. The target market are people who are interested in science: academics, researchers, science teachers and also people who like science but do not work in this field. ”

Hardacre said in the past when buying scientific products online that they often contained the wrong formulas.

He continued, “There is a demand for high quality science-themed gifts. As a chemist, for example, I can tell if something has the wrong formula. I sent them to physicists to proofread formulas.

“They are made by someone who loves science, and the products are well made for me by the manufacturer.”

Hardacre said he was surprised at how many people bought his products right out of the market and said, “I don’t know how to find us. Much of this is word of mouth – people telling family and friends.

“We have had 60 reviews so far and 100% of them are five stars. It almost looks like fake reviews at the moment as there are no complaints. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

He added, “I want to build a community around it. There are many people who work in science / STEM, but they have nothing to collect.

“I want to portray science and mathematics as well as possible, as they have been reviled in recent years by people who are against Vaxxers and climate change deniers.”


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